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The most beautiful carpets and rugs are those that you install in your home or office knowing you will enjoy them for many years. A carpet that makes you relax, happy, worry free, and comfortable is a good carpet. Our Carpets & Rugs Guide brings you all the information that you need for a wise decision about your carpet purchase. Our Carpets & Rugs Guide will help you to make a good investment in something you will enjoy every day.

Quality hand made Persian carpets, oriental carpets, silk, wool, cotton, hemp carpets, hand-made original products, stock products, certified carpets, area rugs -- there are so many different carpets and rugs you can choose from. Quality products can cost a lot of money, even as much as tens of thousands of dollars. On one hand, you are making a decision about a very expensive product, on the other hand, you are making a decision about something you will be using every day. You better make a good decision. Purchasing a car is something most people pay a great deal of attention to. Purchasing a rug or a carpet is not much different. Welcome to the best on-line guide to carpets and rugs purchase and care.
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Our Carpets & Rugs Guide brings you all the information necessary to make qualified decisions about your carpet purchase. In case you need help with your home improvement project, we can help you with that too. We also bring you information about specialty carpeting products such as oriental and decorative carpets and rugs.

Persian carpet

Oriental carpets and rugs made out of natural silk and wool are said to be the best. Persian carpets are known for their quality and uniqueness. Each Persian carpet is a one of a kind. Check out the link above...

Kashmir carpet

Kashmir carpets made from pure wool or silk are second to Persian carpets the most attractive oriental carpets. The history of Kashmir carpet making reaches all the way to the 16th century. See the link above for more...
Business carpets

Commercial carpets

Commercial carpets need to withstand extensive use. Today's commercial carpets are designed to handle heavy traffic as well as repetitive commercial cleaning. See the link above...
Modern carpets

Carpets for your home

Residential carpets play a role not only as a floor covering, but also as a home decoration and design feature. The main expectation from a residential carpet is its comfort features. Check out the link above...
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