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When buying a carpet it is important to pay attention not only to carpet types but also to carpet styles. The meaning of carpet type relates to the method used to make the carpet and to the structure of the carpet itself (woven, tufted, etc.). A carpet style relates to the shape of the pile.

When trying to choose from various carpet styles, it is important to consider how much traffic the carpet will be handling and how easy it will be to maintain. Consulting this list of different carpet styles can help you to find the best carpet for your home or office.

Berber carpet style

The berber carpet style has a level loop or cut pile. The berber carpet style is often used for carpets that require increased durability and as such has thicker yarns (see carpet fiber). A berber carpet style provides the wool-like look. Berber carpet style is ideal for informal areas because this carpet style does not show footprints or vacuum tracks. When a berber carpet is installed, it is very important to pay particular attention to seam placement (for carpet installation tips see carpet installation). More details about berber carpet can be found here: berber carpet.

Level loop (commercial loop) carpet style

A level loop carpet style (also called commercial carpet loop) involves looped threads of yarn in tufts of similar height. The level loop pile is constructed by weaving even loops of yarn into carpet backing. Level loop carpet style is a good choice for high-traffic residential and commercial areas because it is durable as well as track resistant due to the strong loops. Higher loops in a level loop carpet will create a more luxurious look.

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Multilevel loop carpet style

A multilevel loop carpet style features loops of different heights which gives the carpet a uniquely textured surface. A multilevel loop carpet style is a good choice for busy rooms.

Random shear carpet style

A random shear carpet style is also known as a tip shear carpet style. A random shear carpet style combines cut and uncut tips which gives the carpet a textured appearance. A random shear carpet can be used for both formal and informal environments.

Cut loop carpet style

The tips on a random shear carpet style are both cut and uncut. A cut loop carpet style is best for informal spaces. A cut loop carpet style provides a variety of surface textures for medium durability.

Saxony carpet style

A saxony carpet style provides dense, closely packed, level cut piles. The cut piles are set straight by heat. The pile is usually about a half an inch or less. A saxony carpet style is for its luxurious look and soft texture suitable for formal rooms. The down side of the saxony carpet style is that it may shed. A saxony carpet will show each and every footprint and even marks from vacuum cleaners. Saxony carpet may also require more maintenance to keep it clean (read clean carpet). This carpet style is ideal for living and dining rooms. For more details about saxony carpet see saxony carpet.

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Plush/Velvet carpet style

A plush/velvet carpet style is distinguished by its smooth and flawless appearance and an elegant look. Both plush and velvet are lightly twisted and offer a uniform color and a very soft feel. A plush/velvet carpet style is ideal for formal areas due to its luxurious appearance.

Frieze carpet style

A frieze carpet style features twisted or curled tufts which creates a texture that almost completely masks footprints. A frieze carpet style has short fibers that tend to curl in different directions. A frieze carpet style is a good choice for high-traffic areas such as stairs or children's rooms. See here for more details about frieze carpet: frieze carpet.
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