Commercial carpet

Commercial carpets are a special category of carpets and differ from carpets for home use in many ways. The architecture of a commercial carpet, its design, installation, structure, or even the logistics, distribution, and pricing models are different. This page explains a little more about commercial carpet.

Commercial carpet dilemma

Buying a commercial carpet is oftentimes a dilemma between two important parameters. Those parameters are its durability and its price.

commercial carpet First of all, commercial carpet needs to stand up to tough conditions of every day heavy use. Durability is usually the primary parameter that is sought from a commercial carpet. On the other hand, companies are very price sensitive, and want the lowest possible price. The price of a commercial carpet and its durability are two factors that go against each other. If you want to have a long lasting commercial carpet, you likely have to spend more on its material and structure.

A commercial carpet manufacturer also faces another challenge which is the versatility of commercial carpet use. Commercial carpets need to be designed for all types of projects including apartments, office fit outs, hotels, schools, clubs, and major entertainment and sporting installations. When a commercial carpet is installed by a carpeting specialist in a large area such as conference room, it needs to be done in a way that he heavy use areas can withstand heavy traffic, and it also needs to be done in a way that carpet seams do not run across the room. In other way, seems need to be hidden.

commercial carpets

Commercial carpet parameters

A commercial carpet is usually a berber style carpet. A berber carpet is a style of a carpet which is easily to manufacture. A berber style commercial carpet provides resistance to extensive wear and also to heavy load (resistant to marks from heavy furniture). Some manufacturers of commercial carpet also add special treatment to the carpet fiber to improve resistance to carpet staining which lowers the cost of carpet cleaning. Mohawk carpet, Shaw carpet, and Bigelow carpet are some of the big brand names in the commercial carpet market. See Mohawk carpet, Shaw carpet, and also the Bigelow carpet page.
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