Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very important and directly affects the durability of your carpet. Correctly cleaned carpet will last longer and thus enhance the return on your investment. Proper carpet cleaning also plays a major role in your satisfaction with your carpet. A carpet cleaned using proper carpet cleaning techniques and carpet cleaning solutions will stay cleaner longer, and by staying clean longer, it will make you more satisfied with your carpet.

Carpet cleaning how tos

carpet cleaning Carpet cleaning varies greatly. There is no one-fits-all carpet cleaning method. Different carpet cleaning methods are used for residential carpets, and different carpet cleaning methods are used for commercial carpets. Residential carpets are being cleaned mostly using a regular vacuum cleaner and once in a while using a professional water-based carpet cleaner. Commercial carpets placed in offices are being cleaned using professional hi-power rotational vacuum cleaners (also called "rotovac") or using professional heavy-duty wash cleaners. Different method is suitable for a PET berber carpet, and different method would be used for a wool saxony carpet. All methods can have a major effect on the carpet cleaning efficiency, and neither method is best for all carpets.

Our guide to carpets and rugs purchase and care includes many tips on proper carpet cleaning. If you came to this page, you came to the right place. This page about carpet cleaning serves as an index of numerous articles that deal with carpet cleaning. You can find our articles on carpet cleaning below.
carpet cleaning machine A proper carpet installation has a direct effect on the efficiency of carpet cleaning too. Properly installed carpet prevents carpet wrinkling during or after carpet cleaning. A good carpeting job also helps with drying the carpet out after water-based carpet cleaning.

Come back soon. More articles on carpet cleaning are being prepared. Remember that proper carpet cleaning methods can enhance your carpet life-span as well as your satisfaction with your carpet. When cleaning carpet, follow proper carpet cleaning approaches and methods. Also check out our guide to cleaning safety precautions.
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