Saxony carpet

saxony carpet The term saxony carpet describes a carpet style characteristic with an elegant and soft look and feel. A saxony carpet adds a sense of elegance, lavishness, and a touch of class. A saxony carpet is a very good choice for bedrooms and also for formal rooms. A saxony carpet is generally thought to be superior and is equated with a high quality product that is known for its comfort and softness.

Saxony carpet characteristics

A saxony carpet consists of twisted carpet fibers that stand up straight. A saxony carpet is defined with a cut loop pile. The carpet is broadloom woven in loops and then sheared to make an even surface. The pile is weaved very densely and closely packed from a soft carpet fiber. Saxony carpet has a dense cut pile with well-defined individual tuft tips. High-quality saxony carpets are made out of 100% nylon. The pile is usually about a half an inch or less.

saxony carpet pile This structure provides a plush and soft feel to the carpet. Because of the stand-up-straight structure, saxony carpet is very thick which makes it a very comfortable carpet to lie on. For this reason a saxony carpet is a good choice in places where softness, warmth, and plushiness are needed such as in bedrooms. The bulk and softness of the saxony carpet pile makes it a popular choice also for formal rooms.

Because of the structure of the saxony carpet, saxony carpet shows footprints and vacuum-cleaner marks. For this reason, a saxony carpet may not the best choice for living rooms if you mind footprint marks. A saxony carpet is more demanding when it comes to cleaning and care (see clean carpet). A saxony carpet needs to be vacuumed at least once per week not only to remove the dirt and dust but also to fluff up the pile and to remove footprint marks.

saxony carpet style Some carpet manufacturers add special treatment to their saxony carpet fibers, so newer and more high-end saxony carpet brands are made to be more stain resistant, more resistant to wear and crushing, and less susceptible to traffic wear (see Mohawk carpet, Shaw carpet, and Bigelow carpet). Saxony carpets are generally sold in solid colors. Some Persian carpets are by their structure a saxony style carpets, see Persian carpet.

Saxony carpet disadvantages

In addition to the fact that a saxony carpet will show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks, another down side of lower-quality saxony carpets is that they may shed. When choosing your saxony carpet, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the carpet backing and carpet padding. A special more expensive carpet installation service may be needed too.

The visibility of footprints can be somehow eliminated on a textured saxony carpet. A textured saxony carpet is made of a curling yarn. With a textured saxony carpet, the tufts are not as uniform as a regular saxony carpet. This gives the carpet a textured appearance which to some degree eliminates the visibility of marks from foot traffic, furniture, and vacuum cleaners.
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