Shaw carpet

Shaw carpet is a general term for carpets made by a company called Shaw Industries. Shaw Industries is a leading carpet manufacturer. Shaw Flooring is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Shaw carpet general overview

shaw carpet The term Shaw carpet is a well-known brand name. Shaw carpets have been on the market since 1946 which makes it a carpet with a history of many success stories. Nowadays Shaw carpet is manufactured by Shaw Industries. Back in 1940's, Shaw carpet was however manufactured by a company called Star Dye Company.

A Shaw carpet is known for its smooth look and durability. A great advantage of a Shaw carpet is that they come in various colors, carpet styles, carpet types, and carpet textures. Carpet brand named Kathy Ireland Home Shaw Carpet is one of the very popular brand names. This Shaw carpet comes in 90 colors variations and four different styles. The variability of this Shaw carpet makes it very popular among customers. Some other popular brand names are for example Sutton, Queen Mainstreet, and Philadelphia Mainstreet carpets collection. These Shaw carpets are well known for aiming at being luxurious style. Some Shaw carpet are known to require special carpet installation and carpet cleaning service.

Two reasons to get Shaw carpet

shaw Shaw Industries makes both commercial carpets as well as carpet for the home use. As we have already mentioned, one reason to get a Shaw carpet is their wide selection of carpet lines - they have more than 20 different carpet product lines. Shaw provides a colorful selection all across the whole color spectrum, ranging from vivid colors (reds, oranges) all the way down to seductive colors (beiges, violet).

Another reason it Shaw's commitment to quality. Shaw Industries makes their Shaw carpets out of their own trademark Shawmark carpet fiber material. Shaw carpets are made out of 100% nylon which is a mark of a quality carpet.

In addition to space carpets, Shaw also makes area rugs, ceramic tiles, and hardwood floors. In case you need any help with how to buy carpet, read our how to buy carpet guide.
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