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shop Our Hot shop offers the largest selection of hot meals, hot peppers, hot sauces, and other specialty hot products. In our hot shop you can shop for thousands of gourmet products to choose from. Our hot shop offers products for special meals that require hot ingredients such as jalapenos, BBQ, and other hot spices. Hot sauces, salsas, marinades, mustards, BBQ sauces, olives and much more. Everything can be found in out hot shop.

hot shop

Hot shop history

Our Hot shop started as a small moma-and-papa shop. Our business has two lines. The first business line of our hot shop business is the hot products merchandise. Be it jalapenos, special hot French mustards, hot spices, BBQ, sauces, olives, salsas, hot peppers, we sell everything in our hot shop. The other business line in our hot shop is catering to specialty occasions. Be it a Mexican party or a Spanish fiesta, we deliver specialty hot tacos, quadillas, and other meals to our customers. All hot shop products are made out of quality ingredients. We have always build our business on providing the highest possible quality.

Our hot shop offer

hot Come into our Hot shop restaurant and experience the specialty hot meals. Beans, tacos, quesadillas, tortillas, you name it - everything is fresh. We pay a great deal of attention in out hot shop to selecting the best suppliers for our ingredients. We also make some ingredients ourselves to be able to control the quality.

If you like our hot shop meals, you can also buy hot spices to take home with you. Our hot shop offers hot peppers in all possible strengths. Habanero, pasilla, guajillo, ancho, trappey, jalapeno, chipotle, chili - you name it. You can't find it in our hot shop, we can get it for you as a special order. And if you like our hot shop, you can put your signature on our hot shop hall of fame. If you like hot meals, you can participate in our annual hot shop contest. The winner of the hot shop contest receives respect from all of us.

Welcome to our hot shop!

The Hot shop
W 22nd Pl
Chicago, IL 60616

opening hours:
Monday-Sunday 10 am - 10 pm
hot shoppe
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