Stain removal chemicals

Our lifes without stain removal chemicals would be hard because getting some spots out would not be possible. Living with stain removal chemicals is hard too because they can be dangerous. Mixing some chemicals can cause an explosion, some stain removal chemicals produce toxic fumes when mixed together, and many of them at at least hazardous when used improperly. When using stain removal chemicals to clean carpet, following cleaning safety precautions (see a link in the menu) is not only required, it can be life and health saving.

stain removal chemicals

Common stain removal chemicals

This page provides a list of some common stain removal chemicals. The first column includes a common name of a stain removal chemical. The second column includes the name of the active chemical ingredient. This information can be very important to all those who suffer allergies to these active ingredients. In case you have any allergies, your doctor should be able to tell you which of these chemicals can pose any risk to you. The third collumn includes names of some stain removal products which include the chemical.

Common name Chemical Brand Names
Alcohol (rubbing) Isopropyl -
Ammonia ammonium hydroxide Ajax, Bo Beep, Top Job
Color removersodium hydrosulfite Rit, Tintex
Commercial stain removers* isopropyl alcohol or other unspecified ingredients Easy Wash, Tech, Whizz
Drycleaning fluid or petroleum-based pretreatment solventperchloroethylene, trichloroethylene petroleum distillates Energine, Clorox Prewash, Shout, Spray n'Wash
Enzyme presoak products** amylase, protease, lipase Biz Bleach, Axion
Lemon juice and salt citric acid and sodium chloride -
Nail polish remover acetone -
Rust removers*** hydrofluoric acid, oxalic acid RoVer, Whink
Photo supply acid fixer sodium thiosulfate -
Turpentine terpene-
White vinegar acetic acid -

Always follow cleaning safety precautions when using stain removal chemicals. A very special attention should be paid when using stain removal chemicals on specialty carpets such as Persian carpet or Kashmir carpet (see Persian carpet and Kashmir carpet). You should be important also when using stain removal chemicals on expensive carpeting products such as the Bigelow carpet, Mohawk carpet, or the Shaw carpet (Shaw carpet).
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