Cleaning steps to avoid

This page highlights a number of steps to avoid when cleaning a carpet or removing stains from any fabric. The following general procedures apply to nearly all stains and carpet cleaning problems.
  • Do not leave stain to set. Remember that it is much easier to clean stain which is fresh compared to old and set stains. Take care of stains promptly.
  • Do not rub a fresh stain with bar soap. Rubbing a fresh stain with bar soap sets many stains. See classification of stains.
  • Do not use hot water on stains of unknown origin. That is because hot water can set protein stains (milk, blood, egg).
  • Do not iron stained fabrics. That is because heat will set many stains or at least get the stain deeper into the fabric (for example wax).
  • Do not rub the stain excessively. Rubbing can damage the carpet fiber or color and spread the stain.
  • Do not wash drycleanable fabric. If the stain is on a drycleanable fabric, take it to the dry cleaners as soon as possible.
  • Do not rub the stained area with a linty towel or a dark-colored cloth. Use a clean white cloth, paper, or towel.
  • Do not wash heavily soiled items together with light soiled items. Wash alike colors together.
  • Do not overload your washer with too many clothes.
  • Do not use unknown carpeting or cleaning solutions. Test your stain removal agent on a seam or hidden area of the fiber.
Learn from carpet cleaning mistakes that others already learned the hard way, see cleaning mistakes. It takes proper steps to clean carpet.
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