Frieze carpet

frieze carpet A frieze carpet is a style of a carpet that features twisted or curled tufts. A frieze carpet usually has short fibers which curl in different directions. A frieze carpet is a good choice for areas where footprints need to be masked well. The name frieze carpet relates to carpet styles. In addition to the frieze carpet style, we also know berber, saxony, cut loop, and other carpet styles. A frieze carpet will suit well high-traffic areas. Frieze carpet style is often used on stairs. The frieze carpet style became very popular in the 1990s. Frieze carpets were popular because of their softness and also because of their casual look and easy care.

What is frieze carpet

frieze carpet pile A frieze carpet is a type of cut pile carpet. A frieze carpet is made from twisted fibers which is great for giving this carpeting style a slightly informal appearance. A frieze carpet is oftentimes recommended for high-traffic areas such as stairs because it hides footprints and dirt better than some other carpet styles.

A frieze carpet is made in a way that the pile is first knotted through a stiff backing. Then, the pile is sheared to ensure that it is all the same length. Finally the fibers used in a frieze carpet are lightly twisted by heat to achieve the look and feel typical for a frieze carpet. A frieze carpet is usually made from very soft carpet fibers for the carpet to feel pleasant and soft. Nylon is the typical material of choice for this style of carpeting.

The disadvantage of a frieze carpet is that while it works well with basic and simple patterns, frieze carpet should not be used when complex patterns are desired. Another disadvantage of frieze carpet style is the tendency of the pile to be crushed permanently under heavy load. The frieze carpet pile can be permanently crushed by heavy furniture.

frieze carpet style A frieze carpet is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Frieze carpets are available from plain carpets with a relatively short pile to carpets with a more luxurious long pile. Some carpets of the Persian or Kashmir type are by their structure close to the frieze carpet style (read Persian carpet and Kashmir carpet).

Frieze carpet installation and care

Because the fibers of a frieze carpet twist and curl, special attention needs to be paid to proper installation. Getting the carpet installation done properly by a skilled technitian is a way to avoid seems that are too visible.

A periodic vacuuming (once per week) is recommended for frieze carpet not only to remove dirt but also to fluff up the pile. See our guide on How to clean carpet (clean carpet) and How to clean stain (clean stain). Our how to buy carpet shopping guide can help you with your frieze carpet purchase, see how to buy carpet.
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