Carpet padding

Carpet padding is almost as important as the carpet fiber itself. Carpet padding determines the softness of the carpet. Selection of carpet padding also has its implication to your carpet warranty. Not following the carpet manufacturer's padding guidelines may void your carpet warranty. This page provides information about various types of carpet padding.

Waffle rubber

The waffle part of the padding gives it a thickness that is mostly air. This makes waffle rubber padding too soft for today's plastic backed carpets.

carpet padding

Foam padding

Foam padding is made from urethane foam. Foam padding can come in different densities and thickness. Foam padding is not recommended for heavy traffic.

Rebond padding

Rebond carpet padding is today a common material used to support carpets. Rebond carpet padding is made from scraps of high density foams used in furniture making that are bonded together. The density (weight) of rebond carpet padding is rated by pounds per cubic foot. A rebond padding rated at least 5 lbs per cubic foot and thickness of 3/8 inch is recommended for light traffic use (living room). A rebond carpet padding rated at least 7 lbs per cubic foot and thickness of 3/8 inch is recommended for heavy traffic use.

Slab rubber

padding Slab rubber carpet padding is often used for long wear carpeting. Unlike the waffle rubber carpet padding, slab rubber carpet padding does not contain big ripples of air which makes it stronger. Slab rubber carpet padding can resist furniture indentation and crushing.

Frothed foam

Frothed foam carpet padding is a dense urethane about 7/16 inch thick. Frothed foam is very durable and can be used under all carpets. Frothed foam carpet padding is suitable for carpets under heavy furniture. Frothed foam carpet padding is also used with radiant heated floors. Woven style carpets (see carpet style and carpet types) also require being installed over frothed foam carpet padding (see carpet installation).
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